"Take ADVANTAGE of your old Bathtub!"
Color chart
Although most the surfaces we refinish are done in standard white we offer an extensive list of custom colors, or we can match any existing fixture.

These colors exact match the most common bathtub and sink manufacturer colors.   
Advantage Refinishing can match any existing fixture or you can choose from our custom colors below.  Additional lead time is required on custom colors.  Please note that clarity will vary depending on your computer monitor, therefore we also offer free in home estimates to help you in your color selection.

036-Natural/Wheat    376-Warm White              076-Cream                046-Parchment

  341-Jersey Cream      288-Candlelyght             098-Chamois                048-Suez Tan

  068-Classic Beige            088-Sun Tan              148-Desert Sand               311-Blond

221-Creamy Yellow   141-French Vanilla      071-Desert Gold         031-Harvest Gold

       211-Sunrise                  115-Avocado         125-Avocado Green      255-Fresh Green

    305-Honeydew                  495-Sage                 165-Ming Green          025-Pastel Green

     035-Sea Green             095-Bayberry           355-Aspen Green        375-Rain Forest

    145 Timberline                645-Spring              205-Aegean Mist             455-Seafoam

    105-Surf Green            465-Turquoise                055-Spruce                335-Island Sea

  325-Verde Green               655-Teal             565-Light Turquoise              074-Blue

  464-Powder Blue       024-Twilight Blue     044-Caribbean Blue         034-Sky Blue

    064-Regal Blue           144-Tampa Blue            174-Blue Mist                344-Soft Blue

    424-Daydream          304-Glacier Blue               114-Denim               364-Colonial Blue

374-Rhapsody Blue       244-Navy Blue            160-Euro White             052-Soft Grey

        062-Silver                   162-Platinum          032-Country Grey      042-Thunder Grey

   302-Classic Grey              047-Black               078-Tawny Beige               443-Blush

    368-Light Mink          468-Classic Mink        018-Spice Mocha     348-Swiss Chocolate

   168-Cafe Brown             248-Chocolate               208-Merlot                   363-Seashell

        643-Peach                    283-Blossom                   163-Coral                  043 Petal Pink

          243-Rose                    463-Heather            063-Bahama Pink          023-Misty Rose

143-Pink Champagne   303-Dusty Rose          343-Desert Rose                 313-Ruby

      444-Skylight                     319-Lilac                      563-Orchid                           019