"Take ADVANTAGE of your old Bathtub!"
Care and cleaning
                                    MAINTAINING YOUR NEW FINISH

A little care will keep this new finish beautiful for years to come. Just follow these few
instructions to ensure a long life for your newly finished surface. Chances are one of the 
items below is the reason your surface needs to be refinished now.

 1- Do not use tub until specified cure time (24-48 hrs depending upon surface)

2- Do not clean tub for first 2  weeks.

3- Do not expose surface to caustic, abrasive, or harsh chemicals (such as drain cleaners,
      gritty cleaners, or scouring pads) This can dull finishes and lead to wear.

4- Clean with only non-abrasive cleaners such as Fantastic,Dow scrubbing bubbles,
     simply green,etc. with a soft cloth or sponge.
5- Do not let soap scum build up over time.

6-Soap dishes, shampoo bottles, and other objects should not be left on surface.

7-REPAIR LEAKY FAUCETS- this is the leading cause of surface wear, peeling,
     and rust spots around drain

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